Prior to purchasing real estate, it’s highly advisable to undergo a thorough inspection. Whether the property is freshly built or established, engaging Beltway for an inspection will provide valuable insights into its overall condition before finalizing the purchase.

Even if the home inspection contingency was waived to secure a contract, post-settlement inspections remain advantageous. These inspections, similar to pre-purchase ones, serve more to reassure you rather than as a tool for decision-making or negotiation.

Furthermore, for newly constructed properties, various inspection stages are available, including pre-drywall/pre-insulation, final walk-throughs, and a 12-month builder’s warranty inspection.

Walk & Talk Consultation:

The pressure of competitive bidding often leads buyers to forgo the home inspection contingency in order to increase the likelihood of their offers being accepted. Our walk & talk consultations aim to offer a condensed review, furnishing buyers with as much information as feasible within the seller’s constrained timeframe.

Maintaining – Home Check-up:

Similar to automobiles, houses demand routine maintenance to maintain their appearance and functionality at optimal levels. Regular home inspections can assist in keeping up with maintenance tasks, thereby minimizing the risk of expensive repairs resulting from negligence.

Radon Gas Testing:

Radon, a naturally transpiring, odorless, and colorless radioactive gas, is recognized as a leading cause of lung cancer. Testing remains the sole means to ascertain whether a property exhibits elevated radon levels necessitating remediation. We provide short-term tests tailored for real estate transactions and informational purposes, always advocating for testing as a crucial measure.

When you contact Hines Home Inspections, anticipate seasoned inspectors committed to excellence. We collaborate solely with top-tier local contractors, ensuring your Fairfax residence receives the utmost care. Our team, fully licensed and state-certified, is prepared to promptly and efficiently inspect your property, allowing you to resume enjoying your home without delay.

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